Thursday, October 31, 2013

Announcing My New Book!

Announcing my new book to be released September 2014! Stay tuned for how you can pre-order your copy! I'm so excited to share my story and inspire others to live their dreams! 

About The Author 
A Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Author and Successful Entrepreneur, Danie Jolley has had her share of ups and downs. Growing up in a small town in Central Utah provided unique circumstances for Danie to grow up at a very young age. These circumstances were statistically not in her favor. Through perseverance and determination she transformed those circumstances into opportunities for growth and success all the while overcoming incredible odds.

With twenty eight years as a Professional Network Marketer, Danie Jolley has received many awards and has been featured in several articles applauding her success. One of her fondest accolades is a thank you note from the late Alaska State Representative, Carl Gatto, for her work in the health and wellness industry.

Danie’s motto for life is this: “Everyone Deserves a Do-Over! When rich experiences are placed in your path; you can either curl up and die or courageously move forward in spite of how much they may challenge you and stretch you.”

Danie Jolley loves sharing her story and loves to inspire individuals in discovering their greatest potential to achieving their dreams.