Thursday, March 3, 2011

If You Can Laugh At It You Can Live With It

Are you able to laugh with yourself when you do silly things or embarassing things?

Camera’s are rolling.   I’m having a blast.  Everyone is watching….all eyes are on me….it’s like I’ve been cast in a real life comedy film.  My handsome beau is at my side, spectators are watching to see what I’ll do next….the crowd is laughing hysterically…..okay so that isn’t exactly what happened, yet a girl can dream right?

 So….it’s after Valentine’s Day and I’m at Wal-Mart shopping with three of my kids and two of my grandkids for milk and eggs…I emphasize MILK and EGGS!  Can you see where this might be going?  LOL?

 So, we arrive in the store, grocery cart in hand, I’m determined to make it to the BACK of the store for the items necessary for our short visit to Wal-Mart.  Yes!   SUCCESS!  We head toward the front of the store, taking a different route than the one we took originally…..ooops, never do this because you always end up seeing new stuff on your treck to the check out…!

We almost make it to the check out line and what to our wondering eyes should appear…but a very large bin stuffed with soft toys to the top!  Well of course we have to stop and look.  Not only that… each plush, furry, cuddly toy is only  .75!  What a bargain!…good morning k-mart shoppers..oh, yeah, wrong store.
Well, the search for the perfect plush, furry, cuddly toy goes on for several minutes.  I wait patiently as each child makes there sort through the lot of fur covered foam with eyeballs!

I even assist my grand-daughter Sierra as she announces “grandma, how bout I go stuffed animal diving?  You know instead of dumpster diving? Get it?”  I laugh and reluctantly tip her upside down head first into the very large bin.  We conduct this ritual for at least 10 minutes, digging to the very bottom and still not finding the perfect furry friend to retrieve and take home.  I personally think she was having so much fun that she got side tracked and forgot what the TRUE mission of this exercise was…

I finally put on my voice of authority and say “Sierra, grandma is ready to go, find an animal now or you will not get to have one.”  To which she immediately gets serious, for at least a minute more…I finally tell her…”move over, grandma’s going in…”  Oh I know, your thinking, you didn't and I’m here to say…oh yes, I did! 

I tipped myself upside down over the edge of the bin to assist my grand-daughter in retrieving the perfect stuffed toy.  I would lift a toy from the lot and ask, how about this one…no grandma….so in I go again…this goes on for several minutes.   I think she found it so amusing that grandma would actually do such a silly thing that it still took her several minutes to find the toy(s) she wanted.

Yes, mom/grandma gave in and allowed each child to choose 3 toys each and in my ventures I thought, heck, I might as well get a toy for each child for Easter too.  So not only did we get milk and eggs but we purchased $20 of those .75 stuffed, plush, furry, cuddly pals to take home!

 Well, the story doesn’t end there, oh no.  When I get home I discover that I haven’t heard my cell phone ring for quit some time.  This is highly unusual.  I check my purse, nope not there, I have the kids go check out in the car.  Nope not there either.  I check my pockets in my jacket, nope not there…OH NO!  The horror!  No Way!  Oh my gosh!  It is!  You guessed it, my cell phone had fallen out of my pocket during my “down dog” yoga pose in the very large bin in Wal-Mart!

It’s Friday night!  Date night!  Oh for heavens sakes I might as well let Steve know that before we can go on our date we have to stop by Wal-Mart for a brief work-out in the very large bin…. “Steve, guess what, I’ve lost my phone in a very large bin of stuffed, plush, furry, cuddly, toys at Wal-Mart and I have to go and find it.”  He just laughs and doesn’t even blink an eye…H E L L O, he has been married to me for 14 years!  And every day is an adventure being married to the one and only….

 So, off to Wal-Mart we go to retrieve my phone.  We get to the store and we march straight back to where the very large bin is located.  I immediately remove my shoes and jump right in!  Yes, the cameras are rolling!

 Steve stands by and directs traffic and informs people “it’s okay she’s just lost her phone.”   All the while I’m laughing as I swim in the mountain of stuffed toys.  I am obviously enjoying this way too much!   I energetically sort through the mass of furry covered foam with eyeballs and hear a CLINK!  Oooooh  I hear something.  Steve tells me to hang on as he calls my phone.  For a minute we don’t hear anything further because of course, it’s on vibrate, making the adventure even more adventurous!  He calls again and we are very still and….oh! oh! I hear the vibration, I move towards the sound and in the process discover my earring!  Oh I forgot about those, oh and my wire wrapped polished rock that my son had just presented me that afternoon…finally success we find the phone but I’m still missing one of my earrings…

The search continues because I refuse to stop searching for the other earring.  I love those earrings.  I must appear to need assistance because a very nice lady stops and inquires if I’ve lost something….I tell her that I’m looking for my earring.  She offers her shopping cart to transfer some of the toys into it to aid in the search.  We proceed to transfer the toys from the bin into her shopping cart.  Oh joy!  I find the earring at the very bottom of the very large bin!  We then transfer the toys from her shopping cart back into the very large bin.  I thank her and she moves on her way and I hop out of the very large bin, put my shoes on my feet, scoop up my purse, announce that all items have been retrieved and take a bow…well…not really, but I feel like I should for such an astonishing performance!

Steve and I walk out of the store giggling all the while.  The night was a fun filled date night full of laughter and comments about how funny it is going to be for security when they watch the tape and see a grown woman diving head first into the bin and then later…. full on inside the bin, like a caged animal, rummaging furiously through the mass of furry covered foam with eyeballs!   My day in the spot light may come yet…watch for episodes of this fun-filled adventure on youtube!  :>)  Remember….If you can laugh at it, you can live with it!  Oh really you ask?…of course you can!

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